Pilates Chair (45-50 min) – Full body workout on the Pilates MVe chair. All levels welcome. Requires advanced sign-up due to a limited number of chairs.

Pilates Circuit (45-50 mins) – A fast paced interval type workout where individual exercises are performed in stations. Cardio involved so bring water!

Pilates Intro (55 min) – All levels class that incorporates mat, equipment, & props into a full body introduction of the Pilates repetoire. This is a great starting point for people new to the method of Pilates & will ease you into a “hard core” workout.

Pilates Mat (55 min) – All levels welcome in this traditional class that focuses on the basic Pilates principles of abdominal control, breathing, concentration, centering, precision, posture, & basic body awareness while working on the mat.

Pilates Reformer (55 min) – (Advance sign-up required!*) Classical Pilates movements on the well-known apparatus as taught by Joseph Pilates himself. Focus is on development of strength & control throughout the core while maintaining fluidity of movement.

Rates & Point System:

Classes are purchased using a virtual point card method. Each class has a point value that will be deducted after each session. This allows you the flexibility to mix & match the classes you take without having to purchase separate class cards for each type of class. You can purchase any amount of points on your virtual card from 1 to 100; however, all points expire six months from date of purchase.
Total points
Cost per point
1-19 points
20-49 points
50 or more points
Ex: 15 pt card = 15 pts x $12 = $180.00
Group classes:
Pilates mat = 1 point
Pilates Equipment = 2 points

Duet (2-person) session = 3 points (each)

Pilates one-on-one = 5 points